Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our first day at puppy kindergarten!!!!

Today, March 11, 2008, we started Puppy Kindergarten with Blarney and Guinness!!!! And Fiona is also in the same class with us. We are all going to Bayshore Companion Dog Club for the class. A great time was had by all......it started of with socialization and plenty of play time together. Blarney went to class today, next week it will be Guinness's turn to go. Blarney and Fiona definately reconized each other. They ran around chasing each other, each taking turns being the leader. And when they started to slow down, we began class. We learned the name game, a forced recall, and to sit on the mat. We have lots of homework to do! The name game and forced recall are things we have been doing at home. As for the sit on the mat.....we have to work on that one. Blarney expecially loved her training treats........we used cooked hotdogs. This was Blarney's first introduction to people food. We will only use this for training purposes. Eventually, when they smell the hotdogs cooking, they will know that it's time for school/work.

Fiona's dad came with her to class today. He was using turkey as her training treats. She loved them! Fiona responds well to the name game, and had an excellent forced recall! She has grown quite a bit since I had seen her last. She is beautiful! She showered me with lots of kisses when we arrived in class.

Everyone was exhausted when we got home. Blarney didn't even acknowledge Shannon when she came home from work. Blarney was sound asleep on the kitchen floor. When I talked to Fiona's mom, she said the same thing, that Fiona was exhausted. And that they were looking forward to the next class.

Can't wait for next week's class!